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June 16, 2008

My favorite Cisco Instructors

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Wendell Odom, Chris Bryant and Jeremy Cioara are awesome Cisco Instructors. They each bring a unique quality to the table. Here’s my view on what they offer.

Wendell Odom:

I’ve read the ICND1/CCENT Official Exam Certification Guide a few times, parts 1 and 2 of the ICND2/CCNA Official Exam Certification Guide a couple times and sampled a little of the CCNA Video Mentor CBT. Wendell’s technical writing is top notch, and importantly his texts are very complete. His writing style is clear–I never seem to have questions about something he writes, like “what did he mean by such and such”. I’ve read a ton of technical books over the years, from linux, security, scripting, you name it, but his books stand out, as the most complete texts on any given subject. If your looking for success on the CCENT and CCNA or on the job, his Certification Guides will definitely help you!

Chris Bryant:

Chris Bryant is one of the most motivational and inspirational Instructors I’ve come across. His down to earth teaching style, really simplifies Cisco Study. In some of his CBT materials Chris talks about how he came from a standard support role to becoming a CCIE, he points out the pitfalls along the way, and some of the obstacles he had to overcome, such as co-workers attempting to discourage him, and web forums full of bad advice and negativity. The success he has carved out for himself serves as a role model for anyone wanting to achieve the highest level of success in the networking world. I can accredit some of the skills I’ve developed and a belief in myself that one day I will become a CCIE to Chris Bryant.

Jeremy Cioara:

I’ve got to sample some of Jeremy Cioara’s CBTs from CBTNuggets. Jeremy is a really fun Instructor, he breaks up a sometimes dry topic with humor–referencing the Matrix movies on one of his CBTs. His teaching sytle is similar to Chris Bryant’s in that it is very easy to follow. On one of his CBTs he discusses testing, “pass pass fail, pass pass fail”, regarding Cisco tests he’d taken–from that, your left with a feeling that the CCIE is not exclusive to the select few with uber high IQ, but that its something, that with a enough hard work and practice, can be attained.

The structure of his CBTs are well designed, and fun to watch. I’ll definately need to check out more of Jeremy’s training in the future.


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