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March 3, 2009

Back from the dead…

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So, I’m not dead after all, and six months without a post. PING. Anyhow I started college finally, what a dilemma, getting started. I’ve switched my degree paths and Schools. Now I’m doing a 2 year associates degree in IT-Programming, when I get that, I’ll either to a BA in Information Systems Assurance or a BA in Computer Science. We’ll see what happens.

At present I seem to have more time that I expected, now that I’ve switched colleges. So I’ve decided to get back to doing what I enjoy most which is playing with routers and switches. I give a lot of thought to the future and what I will do. I may change my mind about some things. For now, this is the battle plan:

  • June 1st take the CCNA Security exam. (I haven’t started studying for it yet, but I’m hoping this will be enough time)
  • Sometime before the end of 2009 take the CCNA Voice.
  • Obtain CCVP by the end of 2010.

You may ask why the change from CCNP to VP. To be honest I want to get all Cisco certs, haha, will that happen, who knows? My line of thinking is, it will be easier to find a job developing quality experience as a CCVP, than it is with a CCNP or CCSP. Who will want someone with little experience working on their production routers, or responsible for security with their freshly printed CCSP? I just think that I have more chance of securing a job with potential to cross train and develope a broad networking skill set by going the CCVP route first. I plan on doing the CCIP and CCNP before trying for the top. All this stuff will take years. Who knows I might change my mind a year from now, decide to go back to my original plan and try and get my CCIE R/S in about 4 years.

In the mean time, I started a new job with a Cisco Partner, not the technical experience builder I would like, but its a good job, and will serve my immediate needs for now. I ordered my CCNA Security book, got some CBTs from some ware z, and hope to have a linux box built by next month to run some labs. I had to sell one of my 2611xms last year, sucks… Probably gonna get a 2800 series when I get started working on voice.

So, things are going well, a couple CCNA concentrations by the end of this year, plus half way through my associates degree, then hopefully by the end of the following year, I’ll have my CCVP and my associates degree, and be ready to start the learning process for the CCIP and CCNP =)

I got big plans =)


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