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March 9, 2009

Back on Track

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My CCNA Security Official Exam Certification Guide book arrived on Saturday. Not as much reading as the ICND1 or ICND2 books. I ripped the audio from CBTNuggets CCNA Security CBT and dumped it on my mp3 player. Been listening to that today, and got started on chapter 1. So far it seems like, ACLs and SDM are the only things kept from the CCNA exams. We’ll see when I get further along. I know I need to spend sometime reviewing CCNA material, its a been awhile since I’ve touched much Cisco stuff. I’m sure 90% of it will come right back to me in no time. Need to sharpen up my subnetting and do a review and some labs for a 3-4 weeks, then get started proper on the CCNA Security.

Been scanning ebay for deals lately, in the hunt for a 2811 Voice bundle with AIM-CUE, or a good deal on an AIM-CUE, a 35xx POE switch and 2511. I’m starting to think, there is no such thing as a good deal on an AIM-CUE module, haha. I’ve read a lot of posts that say you don’t really need Unity Express for the CCNA Voice exam, but I’d rather have it. I got by without the SDM for the CCENT and CCNA, but this is a little different. Besides, maybe I’ll pull a Jeremy Ciora and run CME/CUE system at home.

Back to the CCNA Security, it doesn’t seem like there’s much to it. In my preview of the materials so far it really boils down to 4 things, ACL, SDM, VPN and AAA. Basically master those concepts (at the CCNA level) and you should be good to go. I’m not underestimating this exam, I’m just seems not as in depth.

I got an email awhile back (around December) from Wendell Odom, thanking me for my errata submissions on the ICND books. I thought it was cool to hear from him, here’s me just a CCNA getting props from a CCIE. I printed off the email and brought it to my last job interview. Maybe it played a part, I landed a job with a Cisco Partner (albeit not the tech stuff I want to do, but hey).

What else is new, had to drop the old CSS, needed a refresh. Its cool to look around the blogs, and see everyone is still working on their goals or completing them. I’m really looking forward to the next couple years!


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