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March 12, 2009

Flip flop

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I change my mind like the weather… I’ve been talking with a couple people that have been in the industry for awhile, and I’ve reversed my decision on doing CCNA Voice > CCVP. Gonna stick with CCNP, once I clear the CCNA Security that is. I guess its the unknown, not being 100% sure if you’ll secure the type of work your looking for when you hit the CC*P level. I was looking for leverage, by going the route of CCVP first. Its always been the core R/S I’ve been most interested in. Sure, I’d like to get into Voice one day, but I’ve been advised that I’ll have no problem securing the work I’m looking for with a CCNP. On top of all that, the Voice stuff is super expensive. I could have enough gear for CCNP and CCIP and pretty much CCIE R/S for the cost of a Voice lab. I know you can emulate a lot of it. Blindhog have some excellent tutorials. I guess it boils down to this, if I can’t get the job I’m looking for as a CCNP, then fuck ’em, the certs’ for me, not the job offers.


July 16, 2008

Time for a rant

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OT, I booked my test, I take it on Monday.

< rant>

I’m really pissed off with the quality of the Cisco Press study materials. I found some errata and submitted  some, ignored some for the CCENT/ICND1 OECG. So, as I approach my test, where I still need to brush up on a few things like frame-relay, OSPF, EIGRP and IPv6, I digress from my studies in complete frustration.

The ICND2 book is already “jacked-up” with errata on the frame relay chapters, but I keep finding more:

Chapter 13, question 5, according to the answer page, then answer b should read 102 not 101 at the end.

Chapter 14, Step 5 page 488 and step 6b page 489, the syntax is wrong: frame-relay map ip ip-address dlci broadcast is what it should read, not …dlci ip-address

Chapter 14 page 500. Then entire first paragraph needs a re-write, try using a frame-relay map statement on a point-to-point subinterface and see what the IOS tells ya, can’t do it, sure it will work for a multipoint subinterface but the book doesn’t tell you that, the entire paragraph is jacked and needs re-written.

I wonder how others feel as they pursue their CCNP or CCIE, are they stuck with same level of technical proficiency that we’re stuck with at the CCNA level?

I guess the greatest piece of advise comes from Himawan Nugroho item 10, be skeptical. Nothing could be more true….

< /rant>

Ok, I’m out til I take my test, I’ll post back the results.

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